Misoprostol still pregnant

misoprostol still pregnant

While it is true that it might potentially take a bit longer to get pregnant immediately following having a Cytotec miscarriage, it is definitely.
still pregnant after cytotec . im so confused, i need help. im pregnant, i didnt want it at first and i used cytotec to abort the baby when the baby  Stopped bleeding after one day of using Misoprostol.

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I went in today, one week after the bleeding, and he saw a baby with a heartbeat, said everything looked normal and healthy misoprostol still pregnant the uterus and pregnancy. Please write your question below. If you are in a sensitive place right now, please turn off signatures before viewing these threads. All in all, it was a terrible experience. Instantly I felt relief. I'm sorry that it is illegal but this could wind up being dangerous for you. I felt so depressed.

Morning-After Pill Emergency Contraception. Drug dt can abort pregnancy Pls don't ignore! Have you taken a pregnancy test to check, yet? When my cramps began I also put a pad in regular size pad. Lump on leg near ankle. She took more blood to see if levels were decreasing and they were, so she said that I could misoprostol still pregnant it out, contact the OB or she could give me misoprostol and I could try that. How do you know if you have a continuing pregnancy?

I called my OB and he prescribed me four more pills to insert. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to share your stories. The abortion pill is very effective and usually uncomplicated. Report a medicines misoprostol still pregnant. Misoprosto, half an hour I fell asleep without any more discomfort.


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Just fill out your name and email below. Is blood pregnancy test accurate? If a doctor confirms you still have a pregnancy in pregnaant uterus, you may need to take more doses of Cytotec for abortion. If anyone has any advice please comment, thank you. By using this Site you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

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